Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm at Your Service. If You Want.

Last week I cried 'do over!' and I kept my promise. I met my goal. I worked out five times last week. It is the same bat time, same bat channel again this week. Five times. Yes, my knees are popping more than a box of cereal and I a bit more exhausted than I normally would be, but I'm not bloated anymore either. I've de-puffed myself and already my arms are looking a bit more toned. It's not going to be an over night transformation. Ah, to be 17 again... It's going to be a tad more of a long haul getting myself back to where I want to be, but I'm willing to do the work.

Are you?

Here's the thing. Since I began Shredding and hitting the gym again, a few months ago, I have had quite a few friends ask me all about this power-packed DVD. They have heard me talk about how great it is, how hard it is and how much I love it. And hate it.

Then they buy it. You know what happens next? Fear. Fear wells up inside them and demotivates their asses so damn fast it is like they have cement in their gym shorts. They make up one excuse after another on why they haven't even ripped the security stickers off of Jillian yet. It boils down to a lot of waiting. Waiting for someone else to do it with them, waiting for... well, quite frankly I have no idea what. Waiting for the DVD to help them lose weight and burn fat through osmosis? I'm not entirely sure.

Because they are my friends and I'm complicated, I get irritated. I want the best for them and when I see the lack of motivation it sets me into Drill Sargent mode (or Jillian mode, take your pick.) and I want to make them Shred. It is only because I want them to be their best. I want them to feel as good as I feel. I am the first person to admit how hard it is to commit to a workout plan and follow it. I've been procrastinating with the best of them for years. I am also the first to admit how fun it can be. How I love the feel of my own sweat and seeing my body change. It "doesn't come for free" though. If you want results you have to work for them. Hard. However, hard work can be fun.

All I can say is that achieving a goal takes perseverance and a lot of hard work. When you know someone has your back and can commiserate with you it is that much easier to achieve it. It's one of the many reasons I love H so much. When you have me as your friend you know I'm going to expect a lot from you but I'm also going to be loyal and help you out in any way I can.

You only have one life. There are no "real" do overs. If you want me as your own version of Jillian Michaels, then so be it. I am at your service. All you have to do it ask. I'll help you reach that goal in whatever way I can. I promise.

That applies to all my Internet friends as well.

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  1. I'll admit I've considered buying the Shred. You make it sound tempting. But I know that I'll never keep up with it. I need to sleep in my running clothes and roll out of bed into my shoes and out the door. If I stop for anything I lose my motivation.

  2. I need a little motivation. I haven't shredded consistently since Blogger. I think I've gained 2 lbs although I don't look any bigger. I've definitely lost some tone.

    I'm scared that I won't have the time once our school schedule starts and I'm working PT, teaching the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc, etc. Oh, and blogging. So, it feels kind of fruitless to start now which is a bad excuse, I know. My shoulder seized up again this AM as if to say, "SEE! This didn't happen when you were exercising!"

    So, go ahead, give it to me. I need some ass-kicking.

  3. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I have had many ups & downs all my life! It's been a never ending battle, I've been a "big" girl since I hit puberty. I've lost 64lbs since 6/1/08 and still dropping, some day I will be where I want to be, can't guarantee I'll look like I want to look but it's worth a try! I've always been happy with myself no matter the size. -M

  4. I tried the Shred. I lasted maybe five solid minutes. It probably wasn't the best choice for my first postpartum workout after 9 months of sitting on the couch.

    My problem is I know losing weight can be done WITHOUT killing myself. I lost over 70 pounds and got down to size four without running, without lifting weights, without Jillian. So I have a hard time putting myself through that, KWIM?

    Besides, I don't do well with the yelling. I shut down. I much prefer...oh..I don't know..cheery Denise Austin.


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