Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zen in the Locker Room

The ladies locker room at my gym has never been a place I frequented until recently. Sick of driving home stinky and coated in sweat post-workout I decided that it was easier to pack a bag and shower there. My first venture into the locker room wasn't the best. I'm not down with being surrounded by other sweaty bodies (it's the germophobe in me.) or when people just leave their underwear on the floor outside their locker. Yes, really.

Today however was different. After running a particularly tough turn on the elliptical (intervals can be such a bitch) I sauntered in and decided to use the TV room (why there is a room with a couch and TV in the locker room I'll never know) as my personal space. I stretched, did a bit of yoga and then decided, "Screw it." I'm just going to lay here on the floor. I cranked up my ipod and closed my eyes. It was only about ten minutes but I swear I felt my blood pressure drop with each cleansing breath. I had managed to block out the world and carve a small piece for myself where my mind shut off ever so briefly and everything was still. It was magic.

Showering, dressing and doing my hair and make-up without so much as a toddler peep or infant trying to eat hairballs off the bathroom floor was just a bonus.

And now? Now, I'm excited to go back to the gym tomorrow just so I can find my moment of zen in the locker room again. Next thing you know I'll be throwing 'rat tails' at passersby.

I'm gearing up for the Blogher 5K next week. I feel my time will be slow as I haven't had much run time in the last few weeks. However, I have composed a new playlist (30 min.)that is helping to keep me motivated. Use it if you wish!

Slow Ride, Foghat (I find this to be the perfect opening to a run.)
Life Less Ordinary, Carbon Leaf
Maneater, Hall & Oates (yes, I'm a H&O fan. Shut it.)
American Boy, Estelle-featuring Kanye (of course!)
Bad Reputation, Joan Jett
Heavy Cross, Gossip
The Denial Twist, White Stripes
Fight the Power, Public Enemy (so good for when I'm feeling tired and like I can't go on.)
Don't Stop Believin', Journey (I hate Journey. This song though makes me think of singing in bars with girlfriends, puts a smile on my face and is a good way to end a run. To me at least.)

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  1. Oh my lord, just the thought of being able to shower without risking waking the kids makes me want to go join a gym right now. But just for the shower. I can do my run, then use the gym for the shower, then walk home.

    Maybe they have discount rates. "Hello? Yes, I'd like to sign up for your 'morning shower' plan please. No, not the gym part, just the shower."

    Except then I'd have to find a way to avoid all the other naked man parts in there. Maybe waking the kids isn't so bad.


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