Friday, July 17, 2009

The Thirty Second Vacation

I once heard the comedian Louis C.K. (he's not for everyone, I'll admit.) say that every parent gets a thirty second vacation. It's that brief moment when you have buckled them into their car seat, shut the door and walk over to your own seat. In that small window of time there is silence from the incessant toddler chatter and it is a little bit of heaven. A thirty second vacation.

Between the yelling of poo-poo pants (inside the bathroom only, but still...), non-stop questions that she has asked everyday, at the same time and just the noise. Oh, the noise. It never ends. I might just put the kids in the car and start circling it. You know, check the tires, my pockets, make sure my side mirrors are in the correct position and basically just get a few laps in. I'll crack the windows. Don't worry.

Read all about it!
"Blogher is Coming! Like the British Just Not as Detrimental."

My partial summer reading list is over at Role Mommy! Also, here's the radio show I did with Beth earlier this month if you care to listen.

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  1. Wow...its been a while since I've visited and for that I am intensely sorry... :( I've missed your posts!
    I couldn't have come back at a better time. I needed to hear this today. I needed to feel that its ok that i feel like my live is chaotic and that its attributed to the contant NOISE. Thank you so much.
    also...I think that more trips to the store or around the block are in order. Driving of course. I wonder how many of these 30 second vacations I can get in in one day...hmmm.


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