Monday, July 06, 2009

She Thinks She's Jesus

TD walks into the room, beaded Mardi Gras style necklaces draped diagonally across her body and says, "Look, Mommy! I'm Jesus." The scene repeats itself over and over again on the stairs and in other rooms in the house. Daily.

Then earlier this morning she was having a conversation with her little friend, Wagee. When I say little I mean it. Wagee is an ant that made its way into our kitchen and TD has been trying to take Wagee all over the house. Mainly though they hang out in a corner of the kitchen.

As if the Jesus thing wasn't starting to weird me out a tad this whole, tiny pest-like friend in the kitchen thing positively wreaks of memories from a certain dead pop star and his childhood friend, Ben. Shall I remind you people that Ben was a rat.

What's next? An oxygen tank in her bedroom or requesting to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, thorns and all? Maybe listening to Kanye when she had colic wasn't the best idea after all.


  1. Anonymous5:52 AM

    I guess she could think of far worse people to be! TD sounds like a very sweet and caring little girl.

    CJ xx

  2. So true Crystal. It just totally came out of nowhere and threw me for a loop. The girl is never a princess but suddenly she is Jesus.

  3. hee hee. I love this post. I have so much to look forward to . . . :)


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