Friday, June 05, 2009

Road Trippin'

It's Friday and while I'm flummoxed by the whole Japanese rent-a-cat trend my mind is also wandering in the planning direction. My anal retentive list mania is peaking as I get ready for my first solo road trip with two kids. We leave next week and I think I have four separate lists going already. I'm OCD planner.

My parents think I have a death wish. My father asked me what I was trying to prove. Only a nutball would want to drive for eight hours with two small kids. I keep telling TD this will be some grand adventure. A grand adventure that will involve not kicking the back of the car seat, any yelling in the car and many, many snacks and DVDs. She thinks it sounds like quite the kick ass time.

Any advice about taking a trip like this with wee ones is appreciated. And no, Valium is not a valid suggestion. Though it does sound heavenly.

It's 385 miles to Connecticut, we got a full tank of gas, a full box of bunny crackers, it will be dark, and we'll be wearing pajamas. Hit it.


  1. I have tons of advice, I should have read this before I saw you last night! Numero Uno would be if the kids are asleep, keep driving. While some people think leaving in the middle of the night or early in the morning makes sense, I've always coordinated long trips after the kids have had breakfast and morning rush hour has subsided, this way we grab lunch on the road and they nap at their usual time. What I found when I tried it the other way is the kids would be totally rested having slept all night, and I was exhausted when I got to my destination. I find it easier to deal with cranky kids than being a cranky mom. Because if the kids are cranky when you get there, you can feed em or nap em and usually they are rebound quickly. Grownups aren't so easy that way.
    Feel free to email me if you want more ideas about places to stop along the way, I've made that drive before. : )
    My kidsa and I have wonderul memories from our long distance road trips. You'll have awesome tales from your trip too!

  2. Lindsay Lebresco (Graco)1:09 AM

    Weren't you the one giving out tips not that long ago?? :) Oh how a year and a extra kid changes things!

  3. um....goldfish crackers? lots and lots of goldfish. Perhaps dipped in Benadryl. ;) My the traveling-with-small-children force be with you! And remember, if nothing else, you'll get a good blog post out of it!


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