Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anna Wintour to spotlight 'Little Houses'

I'm giving you a quote to discuss today because my life recently consists of nocturnal journeys to the tiny tot bedrooms in my house and my current my main objective of the day is to find out exactly where that puke smell is coming from, I don't care who it came from, I just need to know the where.

Anna Wintour, editor of the ginormous fashion tome known as Vogue, recently stated that the magazine will do a story about obesity. Be still my heart. Vogue is going to address something relevant? Fascinating. Can you tell I'm more of an Elle girl? I digress. Here's the quote, discuss in the comments. Really, people. I want some discussion. No more reading for free I say!

"I'd just been on a trip to Minnesota, where I can only kindly describe most of the people I saw as little houses."

Love the use of the word 'kindly'. It's like the southern phrase, "bless her heart..."


  1. OH MY GOD. You are kidding me right? This deserves its own blog alone. I'll be back later. ick.

  2. And, I didn't know you were a DC Metro blogger! No wonder you are so cool, we're practically neighbors! I live in Maryland, DC Metro area! I totally want to be invited next time you guys get together to partay; it looked soooo fun:)

  3. I guess there is a reason that the movie The Devil wears Prada is based on her. I can't really imagine that anyone really cares what she thinks about anything. Does anyone even read Vogue any more ... aside from the 17 year old girls who are having their brains filled up with body image distortions courtesy of people like Anna Wintour. I think she is probably starving from all the years trying to compete with the anorexic models ... maybe one of the "Little Houses" will make her a sandwich. Maybe that will make her a little nicer.

  4. Whoa...I'll be picking my jaw up off the floor now.

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Hmmmm....while I'm not down with anorexia, we do have a growing (no pun intended) obesity problem. I would describe middle America as looking like puffed buttered buns more than houses. But then, I have never been to Minnesota. In any case it's disgusting. I dislike the notion that America's doughy, inflated waistline shouldn't incite shame. It should, it's shameful. It is a problem and needs to be fixed. One point for Ms. Wintour.

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    P.S. I think "Little Houses" IS the most kindly way to refer to them. Would slovenly fatasses be better??

  7. What is really shameful is judging a mass group of people AKA "middle America" without having ever been there or probably not knowing even a single person from there. Those that are intelligent and read the newspaper would know that St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota and a few other cities in the midewest have topped the charts as the country's healthiest cities to live in.

    The weight issue is very touchy. As I agree, that our country has a serious problem with obesity, I also believe it is alot more emotionally based than some people would like to believe. That's why it is always important to be sensitive when trying to help someone instead of maybe calling them "puffed buttered buns." In today's society you are better to be an ax murderer that be fat. If we really want to help those that struggle with their weight, then name calling and ignorant commentary will not get us far.

  8. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Are you kidding?! Fat is the new average. I know plenty of fatties but not a single axe-murderer. Lard is as ubiquitous as McDonald’s (450 billion and counting! –I’m not lovin’ it). It has become more than commonplace and completely acceptable and that is disgusting and embarrassing.
    As for judging middle America, of course I have been there, and know plenty of people from all over. I live in L.A., everyone is a transplant. I am not judging their person, I am judging their weight. It is a disgrace. It is a physical expression of our over-consumption, lack of self control, and extreme laziness. Put down the doughtnuts, America!! This is not rocket science. When I recently witnessed a tent of a woman (She was wearing a muumuu, so the tent imagery seemed more appropriate than the house), order a foot-long sandwich with extra cheese and meat I almost barfed for her. Who eats a foot of anything?! As long we condone this behavior and coddle it with “awww….poor emotions….” No one is going to have the self control to get their asses off the couch, put the double bacon cheeseburger down and walk for 10 minutes or so or may be to walk a flight of stairs instead of being carried like furniture up an escalator. It is acceptance of this laziness and gluttony that allows it to thrive. It is about personal responsibility for ones actions – namely, the repetitive lift and shovel of fistfuls of crap into our mouths.
    On another note, I have heard through the grapevine there is some consternation over the fact that I posted anonymously. I am not hiding, I always post anonymously, I don’t want to create a profile. My name is Erika, and I am Vicky’s BFF (because I heard someone felt bad for whoever that was, but she seems to have dealt with it alright for the last 30 years).


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