Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Star is Born. Heh.

I am not crafty by any means but when TD's 'dee-dee' (a.k.a. her pink security blanket) needed mending I skedaddled my butt over to the craft emporium known as Jo-Ann Fabrics. Stores like that just lose me. I circled the aisles looking for pink embroidery thread and just wanted out. The lines were not to be believed with some clever maze of candy for at least 30 feet before you hit the register. Need cute baby Easter socks? Only a dollar! Yes, please! I mean what else do you get a 5 month old for Easter?

I digress though. As I stood there in line picking up a pack of Twizzlers and a Whatchamacallit to pass the time I noticed the woman in front of me staring at me. After a few minutes she said, "I know you from somewhere." I didn't recognize her at all. "You must have had a child in one of my first grade classes." She continued. " That's not possible." I told her. "Well, I just know I know you from somewhere!" Finally, after her continuing on like this for another minute or so I threw out the pathetic line of, "Well, I am a writer. Sometimes my photo is with my work..." Gah! I felt like seeping into the floor just muttering that line. All of a sudden she blinked and it clicked in her brain. "Yes! I do know you! You're Mummy Chronicles! Wait until I tell my husband I saw you. He's just outside!"


Never in a million years did I think that would ever, ever happen. I'm glad she likes my blog though and finds my writing "helpful and funny." That made my day despite my blushing and still wanting the floor to swallow me whole.

For those of you who were kind enough to look for me and my blogging friends on GMA yesterday. Sorry to disappoint. We were cut out of the segment it seems. You can view the clip about 23andMe as well as what it's all about here though.


  1. Funny; my pink lovey blanket when I was a kid was also named 'Dee Dee.'

  2. One of my readers was my cashier at Target once. She didn't say anything though....I recognized her pic from her profile. It was surreal. I didn't want to be all, "Oh hey! You read my blog!". How cheesy.

  3. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Didn't know you were famous did you? Next thing you know there will be paparazzi out side your door. Or if you like I could pretend to be one. Hee hee.

  4. You're famous! Enjoy it!


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