Friday, April 24, 2009

Got Cancer? Hopefully, No.

Two weeks ago I got off a plane at Logan Airport in Boston, went into the women's room and as I washed my hands I noticed a red bump under my left eye. A sty? Drat! Mainly annoying and sometimes itchy I assumed it would clear up in a few days.

A week later and no longer itchy the bump was still there. This time with new scaly action. My friend suggested applying hydro-cortisone cream to it and dutifully I did. The scaly bump stayed put. It just shed itself like a snake and resumed squatting on my face. I took matters into my own hands and tried anti-fungal cream. Gross, but maybe it would help. The evil scaly red spot would not budge. When I touched down into DC earlier this week after a trip to the desert the first thing I did was call my trusty, if not "Is it Safe" dermatologist.

Yesterday, Dr. Happy Slicer decided that while the scaly mess didn't look cancerous but we should just be sure and biopsy it. We don't want another episode like this one. Nothing like taking a needle to the eye in the middle of your sunny afternoon. Did I mention The Comedian had just decided to add her own zany humor into the mix and puked on me only seconds before? She's a charmer that one! I digress. Dr. Humming, Happy "Is it Safe?" Slicer Man told me he would "just scrape" the area. Ugh. Scrape he did. I now have a lovely divot that is sure to scar and never fill back in, forever marring my face. Seriously. I admit to being vain here and now. This is my worst nightmare.

Just after the face-altering divot

And this morning-

Tomorrow I'm expected to face a group of bloggers and tour a musuem with some Hershey PR people and I have to look like this. As if I really want to take forever keepsake photos for TD's scrapbook with this eye-sore. Heh.

To leave it all on an upbeat note (results come back in 7-10 days from Dr. I Love to Slice the Faces) I give you Sundry Mourning, a blog I just "discovered" and find hilarious.

UPDATE: The doctor just called. Pre-cancerous but benign cells. Hmm... is that actually possible? Must keep watch on it and it if returns have it frozen off. I wonder if sharks with lasers could do that. I might prefer that to Dr. Love Me Some Scalpel.

Many of you know I blog about genetics and pregnancy at 23andMe. I'd like to know how you would anwer the question I'm asking this week- "Genotyping- Scary or Freeing?" I would not want to know when I’m going to die.” I heard that many times when I divulged the fact that I had taken the 23andMe genotyping test. Read more.


  1. Just make up a great one will be the wiser ;-)

    When will you get the results???

  2. I hope everything with the biopsy turns out OK.

    I know they make "scar reducer" creams, although I have never tried it. As long as you keep it moisturized with antibiotic cream, that should reduce the chances of scarring.

    Also, I've always heard that Vitamin E oil was good for reducing scars.

  3. I'm sorry to read this, hope all will be okay. I also have heard of the benefits of Vit E cream.

    Something like this always happens when you have something important on. Hope all goes well.

  4. You know - I didn't even notice it. Not for a second. But now that you've pointed it out, sheesh, hope everything is okay.

    So great meeting you and your gorgeous little girl. I'm still pulling for dreads in her hair...but you know, that's me.

  5. I keep seeing comercials for Mederma which is supposed to do wonders for scars (even those on the face). Do a little research and see if its right for you.


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