Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick! Call Nanny 911

Yesterday was one of those days. Desperate emails were sent out to my close friends with sentences along the lines of, "I love her but I don't like her." and "I no longer know what to do."

TD is three and has turned from being the cheeky, lovable imp of a dictator, you know sort of like Mussolini in sprite form, if Mussolini would have ever considered sprites and fascism a wise political move, to all out Pol Pot mode. Seriously. The hell fire back talk that has begun in the last day or so is vicious. I would not be surprised if I found her using a grizzled bone to pick her teeth with as she squatted on her bed with a three-headed dog at her feet. I might have to start referring to her as Zuul.

It's that bad.

I am at a loss on how to discipline someone who in a split second goes rigid or falls onto the fall in an utter collapse of hysterical screams. Screams so loud I have split ends and there is no "get down to her level and reason with her about her frustration" bullshit to be had. Then a switch is turned on in me and I have to just step out of myself in order not to go all Joan Crawford on her butt. I have never wanted a kill stick more in my life. I have never wanted to self-medicate at 9 a.m. more than I do right now.

I'm seriously considering calling Nanny 911 but I don't think they visit townhouses.

I'm so over my twenties and loving my thirties over at DC Metro Moms. Read all about it now.

Congratulations to Tiffany for winning the Leapfrog One Million Reading Hours contest for NEA's Reading Month!


  1. I totally understand the sassy three year old. Mine ended up being sent to her room for half and hour today while the baby took her morning nap. I had to get my frustrations out with Jillian Michaels without the constant interruptions. This morning I certainly did not like my child. Thankfully reinforcements (grandparents) are showing up for the evening in just a couple hours, so I feel as if I can make it (once I caff-up once again). I don't have a solution either, but I do sympathize. My friends with older kids tell me they wake up human again at their fourth birthday. Too bad that is not for 10 more months (for mine, anyway).

  2. oh yeah? Well my 2.5 year old decided a recent church service was a good time to pull out his classic 'Exorcist' a hushed auditorium...screaming for candies.
    I emptied out my handbag and shoved a giant piece of bubblegum in his mouth. It worked - for ten minutes.

  3. I am having similiar issues with my newly 4 yr old girlie. One minute lifes all roses, the next the world is falling apart. Thats her, not me!!!


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