Wednesday, March 04, 2009

PR People Plot My Ruin

The key to success with any diet or err.. life change is that one has to take the focus off the main subject. Read: STOP THINKING ABOUT FOOD ALL DAY YOU GREEDY GIRL! Also? Stop thinking that the cute orange food monster on Weight Watchers looks like a fun and lovable companion that you would like to share a scone and afternoon with as well.

So this um, life change is doubly hard when all I've been getting from PR folks the last few days is constant weight loss pitches.

'The All You Can Eat Cookie Diet!' - the pitch included picks of stars featured in US Weekly and more, all who purportedly used the noshing cookie diet and lost massive amounts of squish. Pah!

'EATALL' Snack yourself slim! Really? Just stop talking to me about snacking! It's snacking that is my downfall and how I became best buds with that darling little orange Cookie Monster wannabe.

Even Weight Watchers joined in the fun and pitched me a story about a 'busy mom who lost 30 lbs in six months!' Ooh exciting. You think I'm your target audience is that it WW? Yeah, don't want to read about someone else right now. Just trying to get through the day without gnawing my hand off and alternately eyeing the chunky thighs on my kid. Tasty little drumsticks those things are. I kid. I'm still not reviewing or imbibing Hufu after all.

I'm beginning to think that all the PR people who I don't agree to do reviews with are banding together in an evil plot to thwart my weight loss escapades. Or maybe I should just stop reading Watchmen and get on a treadmill.

My 'Meals Made Easy' piece is being featured over at Divine Caroline today. Go check it out.

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