Friday, March 06, 2009

I love the smell of sweat in the morning

It smells like victory.

Am breathless. Sweaty. Want to rip off all my clothes and lay on the floor panting. Jillian Micheal's and her 30 Day Shred just pulverized me and in front of my innocent children.

Going into my first day of the 30 Day Shred Challenge I had no idea what to think. H ripped the factory sealed plastic off the DVD as soon as he got home last night and immediately fired up the DVD player. After watching my former Marine husband sweat profusely from just twenty minutes I got a little bit afraid. Then I thought, Pfftt.. I did an hour and a half of this stuff all last year. I'll be fine. My body will remember.

HA! I am not just breathless and sweaty but also profoundly delusional. Apparently getting knocked up performs a lobotomy on your muscles. The muscles in my thighs are like raw dough and I need to be remolded into the toned woman I used to be. The hardest part of the whole workout was the arms. Three pound weights have murdered them and reduced me to a whimpering mass of quivering jello. If I could have worked up the strength I might have thrown a weight at the TV around minute thirteen. So much for thinking that carrying around a 13 lb baby and her 30 lb baby carrier all day was going to make any sort of difference. By the time I got to the punches I was definitely working out my frustrations and buying into every word of encouragement Jillian gave. I was punching away that baby weight and imagining it just melting off my frame.

Do I think that twenty minutes a day will make difference? Yes! My screaming arms, abs and thighs say "YES!" As long as my wimpy little brain doesn't take over and say, "Hey lady, why don't you just sit back, Twitter, indulge in some Mamapop and eat some cake instead."


  1. Cute!! I'm not quite at the level for Jillian yet...but I do Walk Away The Pounds every one in awhile. And mister Aiden likes to march along with me :-)

    And can I just say you have a huge TV?! I have a super maybe 20 inch? TV. So yea.

  2. I just bought this DVD on your recommendation, coupled with that of someone at work. It arrived today. I'm scared.


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