Monday, February 16, 2009

A Woman Walks Into a Shrinks Office...

Stop me if you have heard this one:

A woman walks into a psychiatrist's office and asks to talk about her Postpartum depression medication and dosage.

She walks out with a script of an MRI, EEG and a two night sleep study (all accommodations provided, thank you very much.)

You never heard that one before? Yeah, me either.

Probably because my insurance messed up and listed the neurologist as a psychiatrist and by the time I figured that out I had already filled out the necessary paperwork and was sitting in his office waiting to discuss my diagnosis.

At first I just swallowed it all but after a few days of thinking things over, going with my gut instinct on the whole thing and more, I am actually really aggravated. First, the whole eye roll thing he did each time I mentioned PPD just pissed me off now and at the time. Second, the lack of listening when I tried to correct him about the insurance mix-up just confirmed my pissiness. He played it off as not wanting me to go since I clearly have sleep issues (true...) but really what I need RIGHT NOW is to get over PPD. Not delve more into other issues. I can't do that when I'm thinking about MRI's, hooked up to an EEG for his diagnosis of 'emotional incontinence' (all that sudden crying... must check for a tumor! Can't be because you have PPD ma'am...)

It just really wreaks of someone who doesn't believe in my diagnosis and in the end will only costs me money and not fix my problem. Only time and myself can fix this problem.


  1. Time, yourself, and maybe an actual shrink this time. I'd say contact your insurance co. with details of the miss-listing, but who knows if they'd even bother to fix their database. Mine certainly wasn't when I found an error.

    Good luck and I know you'll get through this. Maybe hold those scripts for the tests for a few or six months until everything else is straightened out.

  2. I have gone to 4 neurologist for migraines, and they were all quirky, non-emotional and non-understanding. I think the profession draws them.

    Really, there was one that wouldn't listen to me and made me so angry with his condencending tone and not listening, I ended up with a migraine afterwards. (um why do I have to have a paper gown for you to evaluate my migraines? Um and you know it's open in the back so when you ask me to bend at the waist to evaluate the curve of my spine, the gown will come off?)

    I know he's a doctor, but skip the MRI and EEG if it's going to stress you out. It's his job to prescribe these sorts of things when people come to him with problems. Your body your choice ;) They won't hunt you down if you don't do it.

    Address the PPD first. You know your going resent the fact that you're not doing what you wanted to in the first place (at least I would) If someone with experience in treating PPD wants you to have an MRI and EEG then that would make sense. But I learned with my illnesses to go to people who have experience in my condition, and my age range. Good luck! We are all rooting for you :)

  3. What a jerk! Two nights alone sure sounds nice, though. Maybe you could magically make that sleep study turn into two nights in a hotel room! :)


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