Friday, February 06, 2009

News from the Front

Live from the front lines of parenthood: We took a lot of hits this week. Yesterday we suffered our heaviest casualties to date. The night before was long without much sleep had by any of the troops and when day broke we were already exhausted.

A rundown:

Wednesday night's piggyback ride to bed went horribly awry as TD slipped off H's back and he tried to pull her back up. We all heard the pop and the whole block probably heard the screams that ensued afterwards. One visit to the ER later and she is splinted and wearing a sling. The endless round of doctor visits, waiting on hold over the phone and giving her pain meds has begun. We honestly have no idea what is wrong. The x-rays are inconclusive and the kid is learning to make do using her left hand. She is a strong little soldier. An incredibly high-pitched whiny one but strong in the face of adversity.

Thank God for that Laf Out Loud shirt with it's detachable sleeves!! They are perfect for kid's with casts!

Dash Two fussed all day, fought hard and bit me a few times and generally refused all naps and most feedings. What did I expect after she received a record high of five effin' vaccinations the day before? Why on earth did I allow that many? Only my sleep-deprived brain could tell you. Oh, wait. No, it can't. It's too damn tired to even form a cohesive thought these days.

After a visit to the girly parts doctor to make sure I don't breed for the next five years we all came home for lunch. Our enemy on this front was the refrigerator. All the shelves on the inside of the door let go and dropped all of its contents no less than five times in one hour. Or the amount of times I opened the door each time. EACH AND EVERY TIME. The fun game of 'let's pick up the contents of the fridge door' was actually not so fun. I've already done it twice today and I've decided I want to take a sledge hammer to the fridge as this weekend's family activity. Sounds like a good workout if you ask me. As if this were not enough TD decided to turn all Goldilocks on my ass and claim that her sandwich was:

too big
too small
too square
too big, again
too small, again

until I threw it across the room. Go Mommy! Real way to show maturity and proper adult behavior. Did you know that a PB&J sandwich can spiral like a football? It can. It can also sail through the air and land clear on the other side of the house. Kind of amazing really.

I literally looked to the sky and praised God when H called and said he was on his way home. I was barely holding my now bleeding and cramping self together. TMI? Too bad. I was miserable. We all tried napping but it never gelled and off TD went to see the orthopedists with H. We thought that would be the end of the cast and sling but it's not. She has to wear it at least another week and we have another round of x-rays and orthopedists appointments to go through.

Today, I awoke and thought - nothing. I'm spent. I'm burnt out. We all are. I need some solid sleep and to have a week of nothing going on. I'm so sick of the appointments and yet next week we have a whole round of them yet again. I feel like I can barely keep it all straight. The crying is back and I know it's from being overtired. I'm a toddler without a nap.


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Oh no! I hope she is feeling ok!

  2. Geez. What an awful week you've had. I can't even imagine. You poor thing.

  3. Is it the wrist, elbow or shoulder?

  4. The poor baby...I'm not sure which one of you, but it sounds like a terrible week for all of you.

    And the fridge thing would piss me off to a level I've never been pissed at. We had something like that happening at the old house and I thought I would literally yell the roof off the house.

    Hope next week is WAAAY better.

  5. Yes, your week has totally sucked! At least that PB&J didn't stick itself to the wall when you hurled it across the room. Hope you get some much needed sleep this weekend and that next week is far better!

  6. Good Lord, V. I'm sorry you're having such a crappy few days. Hopefully you can get some semblance of rest and peace this weekend.


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