Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Know You Are a Blogger If...

1. You have your "real life" friends and your online friends who you might not have ever met. You can have close relationships with both.

2. You are dying to attend CES each year. In your previous life you didn't know what CES even is or that you "needed" all its lovely gadgets.

3. You have been paid half in real cash money and half in product.

4. Your family thinks you speak a foreign language because you speak of such things as Twitter, tweeting, vlogs, wordpress and can conduct business on Facebook.

5. You start sentences with, "I'm so blogging this..."

6. Your friends and family start stories with, "Please don't blog this..."

7. You get to know PR people really well.

8. Your kids make computer keyboard replicas out of their Lego's.

9. If you know how many people read your blog on Monday, what city they live in and how many pages they looked at.

10. If your drug of choice is a "comment."
Want to complete this list? Add more? Send me your thoughts on 'You Know You Are a Blogger If...' in the comment section.


  1. Neither of my two hilarious offerings made the list? (tear)

  2. You bring your laptop on vacation and are genuinely upset if you can't get an internet connection.


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