Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye, My Love

It was the absence of sound that first drew my attention. H kept pressing down on the little button of our beloved Krups coffee grinder and only one sound could be heard- Deafening silence. The buzzing, whirring purr of the grinder was gone. I looked at H in panic as I put Dash Two down into her sweetpeace for a nap.

Heavens to mercatroid! Say it isn't so!! Not my love, my coffee grinder!

H could read the overwhelming panic in my eyes. It was either that or my rapid, ragged breaths that made him realize that this was not something that was allowed to happen. He threw out some casual suggestions about how to make coffee in a house that contains no less than eight canisters or bags of beans and not one of them ground. Ask a neighbor? Pfftt.... Though now that I think about it I do know someone with just as strong a love as me. Head to Target? Lost will be starting at any given moment! Just not have coffee... MADNESS!!!

"QUICK! There isn't time! What are we going to do?!" I yelled.

Sometime later after I had conversed with a neighbor I found what can only be described as a true act of love, the residue left in the sink.

H had ground coffee beans himself.

With a mortar and pestle.

Is that not true love or what?

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