Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random Thoughts #127

1. Why is it that I always seem to be wearing black socks each time I have to put myself up in the OB/GYN stir-ups?

2. I think ADT has a drunk dialing type problem. They like to call late at night or just any old time of day. When I tell them I don't want them calling me anymore they act insulted. (Yes, they called again yesterday.)

3. TD informed me that Lex, the dog, pees the bed. Thus barring her for forever from sleeping with TD.

4. I'll be going to a hotel next week to get a decent nights sleep. I'm counting the milliseconds as we speak.

5. The women on 'Rock of Love' the broke down bus edition bring skankhood to an all new level. I'm waiting for next seasons installment to not only be bleeped out every 5.5 seconds but also have blurred out body parts in almost every shot. They should hire a janitor just to sweep up the hair extensions on the set too. I have to put a barf bag next to me on the couch just in case I see a commercial for this train wreck when I watch VH-1's other "quality" programming.

6. Blogger's spell check does not recognize the word 'skankhood'. Schenectady, skinhead and skunked are given as replacements.

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  1. What would you think of me if I told you I watched the entire 1.5 hour premiere of Rock of Love Bus on Sunday night. Yes, I feel so ashamed.


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