Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Modern Day Lullaby

It's probably not good that I found myself singing Dash Two this song today as a lullaby. I'm that tired.

To be fair, is there anything really wrong with cornbread? I didn't think so. How many of you have caught yourself singing some inappropriate song to a little one anyways? I can't be the only one guilty of this.

Maybe next week when I've gotten some gym time courtesy of those free week long passes gyms string you along with. You know the ones- where they hope upon hope that you'll cough up an introductory fee, your left lung and perhaps some free local press after they suck an additional transaction fee out of your bank account just because.

Maybe then I'll feel more energized and I'll be awake enough for date night (ooh date night- a.k.a. asleep by 9 p.m.) where a white Russian won't act like an Ambien on me.

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  1. One time my friend caught me singing a Limp Bizkit song to her baby while I was rocking him.

    In my defense, I had just heard it on the radio.


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