Friday, December 19, 2008

Yeah, I'm That Anal

I woke up at five this morning and not because Dash Two (she really needs a better name now. We're just waiting for some personality besides pooping to come through.) woke me up. I was thinking about the furniture in our den and sighing with the stress of it all.


Because the new couch is being delivered today and that old stuff needed to be moved out "NOW!" my brain screamed. I knew it was all still laying about down there sucking up precious new couch space (seats nine!) and I wanted it gone. "NOW!", my brain screamed again. Did I dare wake up and move the couch, coffee table, baby swing and chair myself? Along with all of TD's toys? Or should I wait until a more normal hour losing precious furniture moving seconds and enlist H to help me? I couldn't sleep from the sheer thought of it. I plotted various ways I would store the furniture and how I would quietly move it about. I sighed again. Until it was done there would be no rest my addled and anal brain.

What else am I anal about?

-The house alarm. If it is not on I cannot sleep. If I sense at say, 3:13 a.m. that it isn't on I will creep downstairs to check it. Oddly enough, if we have company I can let it go. As if another person in the house really makes a difference in whether or not we get robbed.

-How toasted my bagel or English muffin or even toast is. If it's underdone it's total crap and I spend the rest of breakfast getting privately annoyed with my toasting impatience.

-Recycling. I try to recycle everything. I collect stuff all over the house all day in little piles. If I accidentally throw a box or piece of plastic in the regular trash I have to fish it out or risk the feelings of guilt piling up on me like the recycling does in the bin. It's a sickness people, I swear.

I'm sure H could fill you in on a whole lot more things that I don't even deem as anally retentive but there it is.

What are you anal about? Comment away!

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  1. Hair on the bathroom floor. Every morning after I blow dry my hair, I give the entire bathroom floor a quick "wipe-down" to eliminate all shed hair. I can't leave for work until I do this...even if I'm running late.

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Your so funny. I'm trying to become a little more anal. Nothing bothers me. And it is bugging everyone around me. Think you could give me a few lessons? LOL.

  3. I am anal about having my sheets and blankets straight and even when I get into bed for the night.

  4. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Bathroom pet peeves....Tootpaste in the sink or the second toilet lid left raised up. I can't stand it!! So you should use soft scrub the sink and our men please....lid down on the toilet, please be neat, lid down on the seat.

  5. Have you met my girlfriend? She's a little neurotic, too. A little.

  6. I am anal about recycling too. I HATE throwing out something that can be recycled.And every bit of recycled matter needs to be out the night before the trash truck comes or I get very stressed out - god forbid it wait for another week.

  7. Lindley4:41 PM

    I am very anal about all the hangars in my closet facing the same way and the clothes organized by length of sleeve or leg!


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