Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Master Plan

My parents have decided to come for Christmas. We are overjoyed. No, really we actually are overjoyed. You just can't feel my holiday goodness coming through the WiFi. They will be arriving very late and stay up I must. Plus, there's that whole Santa thing going on at our house now and I actually have to stay up and wrap gifts and place them lovingly under the tree. So I've concocted this "Master Plan" on how I will stay up late. I'm wicked smot.

At precisely 8 or 9 p.m. - see nothing is actually precise in my world anymore- I will jaunt out to SBUX land and fill myself with commercialized Christmas wonder (ever notice how it is all red, white and green in there?) and stock up on the necessary supplies to get me through the night.

Originally, I thought I would only purchase a Venti-sized Espresso Truffle. The sugar and espresso combined not only tastes good but it's good for you. If you are trying to wrap gifts, stay up and be chipper then this drink is for you. Then, I remembered the Salted Caramel they have... hm... choices. My addiction grows stronger each day. I quickly nixed it as it contains no caffeine. Then a friend tells me about mixing. That is getting me into a dark world now. I can haz Espresso Truffle and Salted Caramel combined? Holy Christmas Holly with a side of Egg Nog people! This is insanity! Yeah, I'm not getting out much these days, obviously.

Now however, I tweaked the "Master Plan" and I think I'll go with the best choice of all! A Venti Latte please with another Venti Espresso Truffle combined with the Salted Caramel. Just IV that sucker into me and I'll take it to go! KTHXBYE! By the time I start wrapping gifts I might be shaking or twitching just a bit but I'll be alright. Give me a chaser of water and those gifts will be wrapped in no time! They may look like a bunch of cracked out elves did the wrapping but really- will a two year-old notice such things? I think not. Plus, the mess from my head exploding from that drink concoction will just look like Christmas confetti!

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  1. oh good grief i've never heard of someone being THAT excited about their SBUX. Geez! How long has it been since you've had that kind of mass quantities of sugar and caffiene together?

    It'll be fun though!


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