Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yeah, Because You Want My Two Cents

The following is a January 10, 2008 blog post that just feels right to post again. Have a safe, happy, healthy new year Internets! I for one, am keeping it simple this year. I'm not looking to spend time with the police again this year or getting bail money for a certain loved one from an ATM stationed in a high stakes poker room.

See sign above? Yup. Really nothing more needs to be said but sometimes I find myself in conversations with people who talk as if they have no control over their lives. It baffles me. I'm not saying I'm some life coach or guru of sorts. Far be it from me to dispense any real advice but uh... I'm about to. Why? Because when I hear people talk like this I get mad. Damn mad. So mad I think of this scene from Network.

Your life is your own. Yours. You have to live it as if each day were your last (that doesn't mean quit your job or rob a bank either). I know real pearls of wisdom right there. But seriously, if you are waiting for some big moment in your life to happen to make it all amazingly better (to bring romance into your life, adventure, fix your spouse, or even you) it is not going to happen unless you take action. Stop living passively and begin to live actively. Ask for what you want. Don't just wish! Demand it! Make it happen! Stop putting off things like dream trips for when you are old and retired and start saving and creating them today.

I say this not because it is a new year, though it is a good time to put it all in perspective, but because as I draw closer to my one-year mark of trying to live my dream of being a writer I realize the milestones, achievements, failures and what I did to get here. What I sacrificed and won. It wasn't always easy or fun and sometimes it was downright petrifying filled with sweaty nights of no sleep and endless worry. BUT. It's been one of the best years of my life. I asked for it, I created it and I got it. I asked for support from my family and friends and I got it. I'm living my life authentically and it hasn't been as earth-shattering as I thought it would be either.

It is just change. Change is good. Change is needed. It isn't some life threatening illness or accident that should finally push you to evaluate your life. There is no big crescendo of music and sappy photo montage that will play before your eyes. Life doesn't work that way as much as we might want it too. Your life is in YOUR hands. If you want things to be different it is up to YOU to change them. Join a group, join a freakin' gym if that is all it is, volunteer, contribute to something that is greater than yourself. Change careers, change vacation plans, change your kitchen if that will help. Just stop being afraid, get off the bench and do something!

You only get one life. There are no re-dos. Please stop and think. Should you really be a passive watcher of your own life or should you be actively participating in it? It is a whole lot more exciting when you decide to participate.

And I'm spent...

*This post was brought to you by lots of expectorant and other assorted decongestants, cough supressants and caffiene. Also known as Mummy's sick bed.

**Poster by Linzie Hunter.

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  1. I'm not really one for retrospectives and taking stock and making resolutions, but this year has been probably the most life-changing for me. And as stressed out as I was a year ago when I was packing up in San Francisco, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Not all days will be all good, but every day should have a little good in it.

    I've had that damn "Africa" song by Toto stuck in my head for days.

    Happy New Year!


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