Thursday, September 11, 2008

Marking the Day

Yesterday, as I was going through some old photos in a dusty bin that will soon be heading to the nether-regions of my MIL's attic I found an old photo of myself from my first day of kindergarten. Turning it over I noticed the date, September 11, 1981.

Yeah, I know, it made me feel old too. Twenty-seven years ago I was headed here, not knowing that I and my Dorothy Hamill haircut would be missing the bus because my mother wanted to take so many pictures of me.

Today, TD started preschool and while I did take my share of photos of her we were not late. I didn't cry until I got in the car and realized the station was observing a moment of silence. It's nice to have today be the anniversary of something good now instead of one that never fails to make my heart feel incredibly heavy and weary.

Wait! What?! You are going to send me where?!

I'm over here and here today as well.


  1. Love the look on her face - priceless! Hope she had a great day.

    My little guy started preschool today too. It is nice to have something good today.

  2. adorable picture! The lunchbox looks as big as she is!

  3. ... and how did TD fare at school? How did you fare with her at school?

  4. She was completely fine and can't wait to go back next week! I was fine too- I headed to Starbucks. :)

  5. Love that unsure look on her face! That'll be a great picture to show her someday.

    Glad to hear you handled it well. It always amazes me how many moms cry and cry when their child goes to preschool. I was so happy I could have danced.


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