Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Enter the Mermaid Room

Yup. So I cried. We spent this past Labor Day weekend actually laboring instead of lolling by the pool. We bought a mattress. We primed and painted furniture. We set up the big girl bed, the Mermaid Room, and now she's in. One night done and gone with no trouble.

My little girl. My baby. Out of the nursery, now also known as the land of boxes, where any sort of baby paraphernalia can land in the next few weeks.

I know she might return. Nap time has yet to go down in the Mermaid Room. But, when I saw her in her new twin bed with its grown up comforter and her shoes lined up in the closet I kind of lost it for a bit. H read her a good night story and I took some pictures. He told me she is still our little girl but it ached a bit and I wondered, "Does she really have to go to school this year? Can't we just hold it off for another year?"

Then, wouldn't you know it the kid is an absolute beast today giving me lip, yelling, throwing things, refusing to eat her vegetables at lunchtime and not wanting to use the potty. Suddenly, I cannot wait for school to start next week.

New review up today at MPR. Quite simply the best baby carrier I've found! Plus, I'm giving away two prizes this week.

Today's giveaway is a preschool package. Included is a Snacker Tracker, Sid the Science Kid luggage tag, Barney Imagination collection DVD set, Courdoroy DVD, Big Round World CD, Wilbur DVD, Where the Wild Things Are DVD, Danger Rangers Mission 547 DVD and a Garfield Funfest DVD. Finally, as a nod to Mom the hilarious, brilliant and fun book by Stephanie Wilder-Taylor, Naptime is the New Happy Hour.

Just head over to Mummy's Product Reviews and leave a comment with your email address (so I can contact you if you win) in the ERGObaby carrier review. Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, September 5.

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  1. Awwww!!! Aiden has been in a twin bed for a looong time now. But who am I kidding? We still co-sleep for the most part. At least he starts each night in his own bed!! HA! And naps. I'm thankful he does indeed nap on his own. But yes, they do indeed grow up. What until she's a teenager. I don't know how my daughter grew up so fast!!!!!!


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