Monday, August 25, 2008

What Part of Vacation Do I Not Understand?

Holy Melting Hell.

I'm in New England for a bit of a breather. TD and I did the solo flight up here yesterday and can I just say that if a plane full of kids can be fab then we had it? Yes, Virginia it really is possible to soar through the air with the greatest of ease and actually have a kid who thinks even the bumpy parts of the plane ride are fun. "More bumps," TD exclaimed and "Faster! More Faster!" I think I fell in love with her a bit more, if that is possible, in those moments.

Now for the holy melting hell part. I'm up here chillin', maxin', wishin' I was at a pool or ocean but no, indeed I am glued to my hot box of a laptop working. Le Sigh.

I am swelling and pissy.

Not a good combo in even the non-pregnant.

Thank goodness for grandparents who actually go on solo excursions with the child and take full control while I spin out of it.

Later, Internets I'm off to the trenches. Hi, ho, Hi ho....

P.S. Please check out MPR today. Good reviews and I'm giving away a copy of Meet the Sight Words.

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  1. My daughter doesn't like kiddie swings from amusement parks anymore. she calls them baby swings & yells out "faster" & "higher." I don't know where she gets that from--just watching her on the swings makes me want to puke! Hope you are feeling ok & got to relax a little..


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