Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Five Good Things- No Jive

Oh, Internets. Aye. The last few days....

From POW camp leader to climbing furniture in the most dangerous ways to knocking it over and destroying her room with wild abandon while NOT napping, TD has been quite the er, active kid. Heh. There even seemed to be some territorial peeing at one point amidst the tantrums, yelling and throwing of tiny play kitchen utensils. I'm also apparently not allowed to hold onto the banister hand rail anymore because, "You tough, Momma! You no hold hand rail! You tough!" Each time I do I feel like I might get a switch to the back of my legs. I wouldn't be surprised if she and the dog Lex had started making shivs in their free time together. Did I mention we also had a clogged toilet during a playdate? Kick ass.

It's all enough to make this creeping into the third trimester woman a bit insane in the membrane. Does that date me? Probably. Is it worse if I tell you we blasted that song in the school parking lot from a period red Jetta? Probably. So I feel the need to focus on something else like- Five Really Good Things- because five is the lazy woman's ten and five is no jive.


1. My thighs look smaller as my stomach gets bigger. Awright!

2. It's no longer 90 fecking degrees each day and I feel Fall approaching. Golden colors will soon surround us and pumpkin patches will crop up before you know it. Cider anyone?

3. Girls Night. Every Thursday.

4. Pedicures that last an hour and make my calves feel brand new.

5. A husband who still likes to grab my butt even after ten years of knowing me.

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  1. Insaine in the membrane, Insane in the brain!


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