Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's in a Name?

Dash Two's arrival is a mere four months away and when I think of all the things we have yet to do I become positively dizzy. It's not just getting T.D. into a new room and washing old baby clothes and gear but also naming this kid. We are officially stumped. Sure, we have a list of possible monikers but as of yet, nothing is standing out or is yelling, "SOLD!"

I think part of the problem is when you name a kid you run into all sorts of comments and criticisms such as:

A. If it is a girl- many people will say, "That sounds like a stripper!"
B. "Your kid will get beat up with a name like that!"
C. "Poor kid's destined to be a dork now".
D. "Do you want your kid to be a psycho killer who murders you in your sleep?"
E. All of the above.

So while we have searched websites, books, films and family trees we are kind of at a loss right now. If we don't watch out our kid will end up with a name like Couch Manhattan or Tuberose Splenda. Hm... I wonder if I could get some Splenda cash for that last one.

In all seriousness, here are some of the possible name choices- feel free to weigh in with ideas and your own "precious" nuggets of wisdom/comments.

Addison Grace
Madeline (I can't help it, "and the smallest one was Madeline...")
Genevieve (say it with me, 'zhawn-vee-evuh')

And I'm spent. Seriously, last night after my third wake-up by a potty needing T.D. I just lay there reviewing names of characters from favorite novels. Somehow names like Suellen and Careen don't quite make the final cut and neither does Lily.


  1. No Scarlet or Vivien on the list?

  2. Addison, Grace, Charlotte, and Madeline were all on my list last time. Love those! Although Madeline M. starts with the same two letters and that's something that always bugs me (plus she'd be an M&M!!). And Reese M. has those "s"s at the end of both names (and people would probably pronounce it like the darn candy bar)..Addison has the "S" thing as well I guess. So, on sound alone I like Charlotte the best :-p

    So now you have my official input. Carry on.

  3. Nope, no Scarlet and while I love Vivien, H does not. Oh well...

    As for Madeline- we like Madeline Genevieve and Charlotte Reese together. Reese alone has no middle name so far.

  4. Addison Grace... I dig it. :)

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    From your list I like Reese. But I don't think you would be interested in some of the names I would offer as ideas. If my youngest was a girl, his name would have been Pandora Isabella Celina L. And I was the only person who liked it. But I'm with you on that SOLD feeling.

  6. I was so about to say I liked Madeline until I read about M&M...see there's these two 'girls' I know who are SOOOO dumb and floosy and they both have names that start with M...so we call them M&M...Not a big Charlotte fan...And I like Addison except then I think of Gray's Anatomy so I don't know...LOL...The ones that caught my eye first was Genevieve or Reese. :) Seriously, I like them all. You'll pick something, it just might not come to you til the last minute. Keep having fun with it!

  7. I love these names - beautiful classics. Feminine and strong.

  8. Oh, my heart sister!! Genvieve(pronounced 'correctly' as you have written)... how I love tat name!!! The only other name I loved for my daughters would have been Liberty but my hubby is a Party Pooper with a capital P!
    Sounds like whatever you choose will be classy. Oh, which reminds me of a friend who is about as classy as they come and she named her only daughter Kate...not Kathryn or anything of the like but Kate. Don't know if that does anything for you but there ya are...a complete stranger's 2 cents worth! lol Good luck!!

    Alyson, the 3 P's Mama

  9. gretchen3:09 PM

    I like Madeline and Charlotte. One of my friends had a few names on the list and waited to see what the baby before picking her name.

  10. Vicky--I actually like them all (which is probably the last thing you want to hear). but if I did have to pick, Charlotte & Reese top the list for me.

  11. Anonymous9:42 AM

    very cool names ... i think you've got the right one in this list.

  12. I like Genevieve best, followed by Madeline. There is nothing wrong with same initals. I was AAM before I got married now I'm AAA. We actually have fun with the intials in my family. My mom for instance is PAM (her intials), my husband is BOA (which is convient since he likes snakes). I digress, other possible names: Abigail, Lillian and Casey

  13. I like them all, but Reese is a little nit too popular right now.

    (I told you I was weeks behind on my blog reading)


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