Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fear and Loathing- The Today Show

I realized something today.

I hate the Today Show.

No, actually, check that. I loathe the Today Show.


Because it has quite possibly the most insipid segments on it. They seem like a good idea at the time but then the advice springs forth and I find myself wanting a blunt object to gouge my eyes out to hide myself from the bullet points of tips and tricks.

I never watch this tripe unless of course someone I know is on it and even then I DVR the sucker and fast forward through all the heinous parts and most certainly that last hour with Kathie Lee. You know what I'm talking about too. That last hour alone will deliver a slow death to your brain as it numbs it into submission and then sucks all and any self-preserving knowledge you might have contained in your noggin previously. That's it, really, I would rather watch Noggin for hours on end than an episode of the Today Show.

Why am I this much in arms over something I can easily ignore? Simply this, the news stories are for about 15 minutes. Ann Curry is insulted. The handy dandy little segments and nuggets of helpful knowledge are anything but that. They play on the viewer being a complete moron who cannot think for themselves. It's sad too because back in the day, not even that long ago, the Today Show had actual news. There was real reporting and not just pilfered ad spots and PR people blatantly handing the anchors something to dish about. Now global news is which celebrity is overseas having a baby this week and who made the best dressed list world-wide. It's maddening.

That segment today about what to do if you do not like or trust your doctor had some stellar advice indeed, "Find a new doctor." Go ahead, bang your head on something hard. I wanted to too.

Golly gee, Matt Lauer you are Brilliant, with a capital B.

The rest of the show continued on this path until I found myself nearly hurling my MIL's remote at her television set. I need to watch the tube to get that sort of common sense advice? Is America really that helpless? God help us if we are.

I fear for my brain and for our future.


  1. Strongly agree.

    Seriously. The Today Show is mind numbing.

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    That's so funny - Val and I have been having a similar conversation. I'm at the point where I turn the TV over to Style. I figure if I want mind numbing in the AM, I'll watch Clean House and this way I can get fun style tips too.



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