Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Business 101

I couldn't sleep last night. Blame it on tax day and the nasty bill we had to pay this year or the fact that recently the news reported that the price of a box of cereal is going to go up 56% this coming year. It's cringeworthy indeed. As I lay there thinking about my lack of work lately and how I was going to get motivated beyond the sickness to pay some bills I began thinking about Arbonne.

I sell it. What started out as a product review almost two years ago became one of the best items I have ever reviewed. I don't actually use that lightly either. I really truly love and believe in the products. I have seen the results and become a believer over all other products I've used. What I am having trouble with is the business side of it. The company just released a slew of new products but for anyone to sample them the rep needs to buy full-sized products. This makes no sense. Other companies have samples. It's Business 101 to me. Samples. Crack dealers know this stuff people! They give out a taste. A sample, if you will. You always want more. You come back for more.

Am I saying that Arbonne should learn from crack dealers? Heh. Maybe. Am I saying that I woke up in the middle of the night and sent them an email telling them so? Maybe. If I thought it would give them a kick in their tired, same-old same sampled butts. Am I saying we can learn from dealers?

Maybe I'm saying I just lost too much sleep.

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