Friday, April 11, 2008

Anything You Can Do...

I can do better! Isn't that how the song goes? I would like to say that I excel at some manly type things but at the moment my brain is drawing a blank. Plus, things in our house are pretty equal.

We both clean just fine even if it is in our own little idiosyncratic ways that drive the other one nuts.

We both claim to drive better than the other. I at least have the driving record to prove it.

We can each make a mean dinner, breakfast or lunch.

Kid duties? We're even there too.

When we do home renovation projects we work together. Granted I shirk the whole power tool thing but it's just not my thing. I am pretty girly, I admit. I like to pick out the aesthetic items and I don't mind painting or digging in the dirt. I leave the caulking to H. I just don't have the patience. Maybe H should have written this post today so he could tell you the "manly" things I excel at. He says I'm a 'birthin champ' but I sometimes wonder if that is just because he could never do it.

Today's Blog Blast is all about what traditional male pursuits you excel at. PBN is giving away thirteen CarMD Handheld Testers (worth $90) to those who post their own pursuits on the site, where today it is all about Ask Patty. So tell us, what do you excel at in the "manly" category? Which really I don't think exists anymore. Not when I look at the women I know and listen to my readers comments.

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  1. My biggest "its a man's world" accomplishment that I think I do damn better than some men is EMS. Its a physically, emotionally and intellectually challenging job that I can do very well (since 1992 mind you) and I actually have taught several men how to do the job and helped turn them into great providers. I'm also damn good and dealing with drunks (they think I'm intemidating).


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