Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This Is So Not Me

I don't normally do this type of thing (cue music from the Pet Shop Boys now) but seeing as I've done enough shameless self promotion for myself on this here blog for a variety of reasons I direct you to this fine cause.

It's a plea really. For a friend of mine. When I say friend, I'm not covering for myself either. It really is for a friend of mine. True, you don't know her but just visit her site here and get to know her a bit. She's a newbie to the Avon Walk and in desperate need of some coinage and good will. She needs know that she CAN do this fundraising thing. She's fearful and beginning to doubt herself and I can't let that happen. She's a wonderful, kind, caring person who is always willing to help out a friend or neighbor at a moments notice. She's a pretty mean baker too. The woman baby-sits T.D. with good cheer and she would probably baby-sit your kid too if you lived near her. A person like that deserves to be thrown a few dollars. If I had extra money I would donate to her right now, like you can. But I'm still fundraising myself.

So Internets, dear friends, faithful readers take a moment and say 'hi' to my friend Sam. She needs your help. Think of yourself as Obi-Wan Kenobi if needed - you are her only hope.

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