Monday, March 10, 2008

Things I Will Never Understand- Part 67

I'm saving you from having to read all about my wacky hormones, my bad mothering skills and need for sleep today by giving you this- Part 67 or maybe 5 of Things I Will Never Understand.

1. Keds. Those white, no support offering, Keds. Ladies, if you are wearing these take them off right NOW! They are only showing your age.

2. Better yet those white canvas shoes with the elastics on the side (you know the ones that look like they could be cool Vans if only they had the black and white check patter, but they don't) that you can buy at Wal-mart and are the only shoe worse than Keds. They make you look like a grandma.

3. Angel Cats. In the front yard. Why? Does it mean there is a cat buried there? I think that is against HOA rules.

4. Why Ryan Seacrest has a job.

5. The 'Old-Fashioned' part of Wendy's hamburger joint signs. In the olden days did they not know how to make circular burgers? Is the square shape what makes it old-fashioned? Alls I knows is that the words 'old-fashioned' makes me think old and musty and therefore not want to eat there.

6. Pimento Cheese Loaf. Enough said.

7. Customer Service people that think their job involves saying absolutely nothing. Hello? Enterprise Rent-a-car? I'm talking to you.

8. The popularity of Nickleback. Dude... please your music sucks! Just go back to being a bar band that we all like to ignore while you scream and croak into your mike in the corner.

9. My hormones and the panel of doctors that decided what is "normal" for women and what isn't. Seriously. Is anyone out there actually "normal"? I want to meet you.

10. Why the person who does Britney's hair extensions still has a job.

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Mummy out....


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    You must be living in a fashion coal mine. Keds are hot right now with the teens just like converse were a couple years ago. You're probably right though if you're 30ish best stick with the rebook granny shoes.

  2. I wear converse now! They too are hot again.

    Keds? Nope. Just can't do them. Those white flat shoes that go with Mom jeans? Just can't do them.

    Crocs are in too but they are fuglier than the reebok granny shoes which again, I will never wear though they have breifly also made a comeback.

    thanks anonymous

    I have yet to see one teen in keds by the way. I need photographic evidence.

  3. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Having Ms. Barton hawk them in bright colors and with wedge heels styles does not make me want them.

    Then again I am 31 and should be using a walker, peeing in a bag and wearing knee highs I suppose. I best leave the fashion to those young whipper snappers.

  4. I almost always see the world your way but I must take exception with your comment about Ryan Seacrest. I actually think he is remarkably talented. He makes people feel comfortable, he's self-deprecating and jokes about how insecure he is, he's funny, he almost never messes up or misspeaks, and I just find his presence reassuring. in fact, he's talking right now (I am watching Idol) and I just like him.

  5. I totally agree with you about Ryan Seacrest. How on earth did he get the job? And I don't know if its the same Stateside, but here in England it's like he has totally taken over!


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