Monday, March 10, 2008

Proof of My Bad Mothering Skilz

It is a bad way to start the week when it is noon and your child is still in their pajamas, bed-head in full effect. Did I mention that her pajamas do not even match? Nope. One half is purple and brown toile the top half beige and pink flowers.

A round of applause for all you other mothers out there who are having a day like this as well.

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  1. When I woke up this morning at 8, and had to get 3 kids (still sleeping) out of the house by 8:30, I almost gave up and went this route myself.

    Sometimes those bed head and pjs days are the best.

  2. Oh we have lots of PJ days around here. If we aren't going anywhere, we often just stay in the PJs. And bedhead is a must as well. Since I bought a ton of PJ tops and bottoms at Goodwill, Aiden never has matching PJs either! But hey! when all his PJs cost me less than $5, who cares if they match??!!

  3. PJ days are the best! Assuming you have no place to be, that is - a little different if you're still in PJs and have to be at the doctors by noon ;)

  4. Everyone needs a day (or two) like that.


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