Monday, March 17, 2008

It's a Freakin' Bonanza Today. OK I Lie.

Without getting all Debbie Downer on you all I'm keeping this brief. I'm going on a return visit to the collision center with my car. I have a bone to pick with them and they better let me bend their ear. Seems that my shiny new high gloss bumper (that got rear-ended a month ago) is now permanently ATTACHED to my gate latch. That would be the trunk on my SUV. Yup. Can't open it. At. all. Is Stuck.

Am. Livid.

Was really pissy on Friday night when I was out in the rain trying to crawl around feeling for the emergency latch to open the gate and put the stroller back in while T.D. cried and then poured milk on herself. Awesome times indeed.

Add to that the fact that now the car thinks a door is open continuously and I am hating my car right now and can frequently be heard mumbling about the Murphey's Law of it all. I feel like I'm miming for my neighbors about how to open a trunk each time I go to my car.

So I'm pulling a Sarah today. Answer the following questions in the comment section below.

1. Where was your first date?

2. Worst movie ever?

3. Favorite television show as a kid?

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  1. 1. Where was your first date? Hamburger Hill on Harbor Island.

    2. Worst movie ever? "Clifford"

    3. Favorite television show as a kid?
    Dukes of Hazzard (little) Growing Pains (big kid) Headbangers Ball (teenager)

  2. 1. Where was your first date? Mars Hill Coffee House in Chambersburg, PA

    2. Worst movie ever? I don't know...I can't think today...I remember walking out of the theater during Adam Sandler's Mr. Deeds - so that must have been bad.

    3. Favorite television show as a kid? Zubilee Zoo and Sesame Street, THEN Hey Dude and Saved by the Bell

  3. Aaah! Zubilee Zoo and Hey Dude! I used to watch both those shows. Come to think of it- wasn't Christine Taylor, Ben Stiller's wife on Hey Dude?

  4. 1. School dance
    2. ?
    3. Charlie's Angels


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