Monday, March 03, 2008

How The Washington Post Peed in My Coffee

There I was, sitting at the kitchen table, not fully awake but trying to read the Sunday paper before all two year old hell broke loose in my house and sipping some coffee when I saw it. By it, I mean, the front page article in The Washington Post's Outlook section, 'We Scream, We Swoon, How Dumb Can We Get?', by Charlotte Allen.


Read it now. Get back to me.

Are you angry? Or do you just feel "dim" as Allen puts it and you don't quite understand all the fuss?

Why is an article such as this the one that gets the front page? Why an article about how women will always lag behind men, are the worst drivers, love romance novels and are only smart enough to remember where the berries are, the type of piece that ends up on the front page?

Reading Allen's piece I not only got angry but I started thinking of the many times I've met women who think this way and how I wanted to throttle them. I'm all for using your talents in life. If your talent is cooking or baking or writing romance novels so be it. If it is being a big-rig driver. Go for it. But DON'T dumb it down no matter what it is simply because you have been labeled by some old, long-dead man, as the 'fairer sex'. Don't put yourself in the backseat because you are a woman and prone to emotions which must equate to you being some sort of gooey mess. Does anyone read this blog? If they do, they know that despite my pieces of sap I am not overly emotional. Yet, somehow I have the X chromosome and a va-jay-jay (yes, I just used an Oprah term and in Allen's world this means I'm dim. We women loves us some Oprah right?! Blech.).

I must admit that in reading the first few paragraphs I was not terribly offended. I kind of agreed with Allen. I don't get the whole women swooning over political candidates. Sure, I backed Edwards but it was not because of his fluffy hair. In fact, the whole issue of his hair bothered me. I wanted the facts, the beliefs, the stances on issues. Screw the hair! Leave the hotness factor to Hollywood and the likes of Christian Bale and Johnny Depp. The more of Allen's piece that I read it soon became clear that it was not even about celebrating what makes us women. It was not about promoting our own strengths as individuals either (forget promoting our strengths as a sex even!) but just about how we as females should just sack it all in and admit "we are...kind of dim." My thoughts? It isn't "we women", it is just you honey. The Washington Post too for displaying and perpetuating this kind of 17th Century crap. Ms. Allen? The Washington Post? Do the rest of women a favor and leave the rest of us out this.

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  1. I thought the article might be satire. It has to be satire, right? No one can write that stuff seriously.

  2. Oh no she is for real - I have met "that" woman - had an argument about why more women did not own their own companies (I do). She told me that they did not want to and were not smart enough and could not handle the pressure due to be women - it was too hard for them - GAH! Had such a heated argument I can't even say her name without my blood boiling. Yep, she is right "some us are dim" - like her.
    Jamie R Lentzner

  3. That, in combination with the Linda Hirshman article -- women voters are fickle -- the post had all the sexist angles covered.

  4. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Has she observed men in their natural habitat lately?! Does scratching ones balls and belching while bellowing like an ape at a football game somehow trump watching the Oprah Winfrey show or discussing the merits of Botox? Both sexes have silly behaviors, why does Ms. Allen not hold men accountable as idiots for theirs as she does for women? Is she unfamiliar with the statistics that currently more women are college educated than men? Or that auto insurance companies charge women less because they tend to have better driving records?! Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go read some good bodice-ripping drivel and paint my toenails....

  5. The reason this is on the front page is to get a rise out of women like you. To get your attention and make you angry. It worked. Not only did it do that but you put it out there and brought it more attention. And the reason they can do that is because it was written by a woman. If it had been written by a man, it would never had been published. I'm not convinced she really believes what she is saying. I think she does this to make women angry, in attempt to make us want to change the minds of people who really do feel that way.

  6. I felt just this way as I read the article and as I wrote the post. It has already gotten a ton of play online and there I go giving it more.

    I for one thought it would give good blog discussion and comments...and it worked.

  7. it was total satire. I have a post on my blog from the opposite point of view. I thought it was hysterical.


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