Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

Aside from Christmas and the actual Election in November this is quite possibly one of my most favoritest, bestest times of the year!

I was a bit sad last week when all the excitement was flowing on every news channel, newspaper and all over the Internet. I felt left out living here in the DC Metro area. Today, it is a jubilee!

So if you live in the DC Metro area, remember today to VOTE! It's your first right as an American and one that is very important. Know that you are participating in something that really does matter and could quite possibly make history. Exciting, no?

I'm even excited about reigning in a crazy toddler while standing in line so you know this must be a big day for me. I'll report back later! I'm wearing my Baby Brewing shirt while I stand in line that reads, "I'm Blogging This". Because, well, I am.

I love the smell of Super Tuesday in the morning! It smells like... Victory!

Get full election point of views and more fun stuff here at DC Metro Moms! The whole SV, NYC, DC & Chicago set is buzzing with all things politics!


  1. I just read through your older posts...did you ever say who you're voting for now that Edwards is out?

    Not that you have to tell us, of course. I'm just very conflicted on who I will vote for and am wondering how other people are voting.

  2. Nope, never said. But can I just say? Edwards is still on the ticket. It was upsetting in a sense.


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