Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm a sucker for a man in gold

6:40 p.m.- Ooh! The Oscars soon! Only about an hour to go until the pre-show! Whooo hoo!

7:30 p.m.- Hm... am missing the Barbara Walters show. Didn't DVR it either. How will I know Harrison Ford's true thoughts on him being twenty years older and doing yet another Indiana Jones movie?

8:10 p.m.- Must get off phone... Oscar's beginning any minute! Why is T.D. still up?! Toddler chatter is loud over Jon Stewarts dry wit. Haven't even made Oscar pics yet!! WTF is Daniel Day Lewis's wife wearing?! Looks like someone stamped a giant piece of lead-laden costume jewelery on her chest.

9:00 p.m.- Huzzah! My super bowl is in play! Jack Nicholson is making me sad with his incoherent mumblings. Did he just call Tommy Lee Jones 'Harvey'? Oscar's take note: Jack loses front row seat next year. Replace with Dakota Fanning for next fifty years.

Time begins to get fuzzy here. H abandoned his pics and me after about five minutes of Oscar goodness. T.D. claps and yells, "YEAH!!" each time Stewart gets a laugh. Tooth achingly cute but the kid needs to go to bed. Stewart can't stop with the political commentary. Funny, but it is the Oscars man... keep it light. The movies themselves were dark enough this year do we need to keep talking about the fact that the Dark Side is in office right now?

At some point I realize I must make a decision. Go to bed and read it all online in the morning or go for the Oscar gold myself and stay up until the bitter end? Amy Adams really is cute as a button. She looks like she could be your neighbor or your friend from high school.


11:05 p.m.- I have now cried about four times this evening starting with the very beginning when we took a little look back. Each time I see Hal Holbrook I want to hug him. I'm beginning to get loopy I'm so tired. Why do people keep disappearing? Dixie Carter? Gone. Daniel Day Lewis? Gone. Is there a hidden rabbit hole at the Oscar's?

If it weren't for the music from 'There Will Be Blood' making my adrenaline surge each time the film is up for an award, I would have passed out long ago.

This couch is getting really comfy. The dog makes an excellent pillow despite her protests.

11:55 p.m.- AT LONG LAST. IT IS OVER! I beat H in pics again this year! Am victorious!!! Feel like falling over with tiredness and lack of sleep over a few day period. Will do victory lap around den and gratititous fist-pumping and obnoxious fanny shake some other time.

Vow to sleep in and nap during T.D.'s nap time tomorrow.

12:00 a.m.- Ah, bed. Sleep....

12:30 a.m.- Did I just hear a noise? Can't sleep. Wide awake. Where's the dog? My throat is scratchy. Need water. I'm hungry too. Can someone get me an apple or a bowl of cereal?

6:15 a.m.- Might as well get up. I've tossed and turned all night. I'm so tired I'm shaking. Why?! Why did I stay up so late? Why couldn't I have just read it all online?! I'm such a sucker for satin dresses, ropes of diamonds a la Nicole Kidman, Martin Scorcese and Daniel Day Lewis's voice. Thanks be to God there was not a Brad Pitt or overly gratuitous shot of Angelina Jolie all night.

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