Friday, February 08, 2008

Cherry Nyquil Makes Me a Donkey's Patootie

You know those moments that you wish you could take back? Those times when you laugh at a really inappropriate point and then you just can't stop laughing. Everyone around you looks at you like your a total ass and in fact you probably are? I had one of those moments last night.

H has been sick this week. The cold is a bad one. The man has been a trooper all week including last night when he took care of the infamous T.D. while I had a party for a friend (Silpada anyone?). I'm very grateful for that.

Is it my fault that I actually found it funny rather than repulsive when he burped cherry Nyquil in my face last night as I fell asleep?

It happened once and I thought, "Huh. Never had that burped in my face before. Of all the things my kid, strangers or family has burped in my face in my lifetime that has to be the least offensive." Really.

I could have screamed, "Gross H! That's disgusting!" Then gotten all crazy bitch mad on him or something.

Instead I did this-

H rolled over and burped again and a case of the giggles got me. Combined with the tiredness I felt I almost couldn't stop. I was about to get up and head to the guest room when H did it for me.

Today the man won't even look at me or talk to me.


I suppose he thought I was laughing at his being sick. Yet it wasn't that at all. I don't think leaving the house without saying goodbye is the best remedy for the cold or the marriage.

Excuse me while this Donkey mends some fences.

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