Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Feel Like I'm Beating a Dead Horse

It's over. Or is it? We still have New Year's and a trip up to grandparent country to get through. I'm sure it will be a blast but it also means the holidays just keep coming! So let's just keep eatin' and drinkin' and feeling like our pores are oozing icing and crisco. Oh and in case you are wondering this is what went down in Mummy's house this past week.

One Wii has entered our home. Oh the irony. Now I get to hear H say things like-

Eat. My. Butt.

and other witty asides such as, I'm Killing Myself, while he plays tanks and rides cows or something. Anyone else obessesd with mowing down scarecrows?

A lovely silver necklace adorns my neck.

I have eaten annisette cookies, frothy hot cha cha (a T.D. delight), more ham than anyone should be allowed to eat in a year, a sodium intake that would make Newsweek write yet another article this time it would be on a strange species of female that can subsist on just the sodium she sucks from the Christmas ham, some greenery might have gotten in there by accident and way more bready products than I wish to remember. Oh my chafing thighs!

Listened intently to my father describe his experiences trying to outsmart the other drones trying to get their greedy little hands on the famed Wii. "Up at five a.m., hittin' every website I could think of each day for over two weeks!" It beats walking uphill in a snowstorm to school every day bare foot though right?

Hours spent picking up mountains of debris that heartbreakingly accumulate during the holiday season, about 250.

One gingerbread house constructed with cement/royal icing, hardened gum drops that if eaten require a jaw wiring and possibly $6000 worth of dental.

Time spent blogging- 1 hour

Time spent with family- 86 million.

Time spent thinking about blogging- 27 million.

Telling my MIL her Christmas socks looked like the Wicked Witch of the West's was priceless. Too bad I actually like her or that would have been a good blog post.

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  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    OMG!!! Mowing down Scarecrows rocks! I love the jumping ones and playing 2 players on that one is sooooo much better, you can hit them too! I love Wii! And I don't care who knows it!! Best game so far that I've played is the Mario vs. Sonic Olympics! I can beat Amber in swimming!! LOL!!
    And don't some of those games remind you of "Atari2600?" Boxing has come a long way since then though! I agree with H! Eat.My.Butt!!


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