Thursday, November 01, 2007

Scattered and Hopped Up on Sugary Treats

Today is one of those days where I question my sanity. Where I wish I had a nanny and a personal assistant to run such mundane errands such as packing my bags, picking up things at the grocery store and doing my daily workout for me. Do they charge by the hour for things like that? It might be worth looking into.

I'm scattered, my shoulders are tight and I feel like my head might explode and the sun isn't even up yet. I have no idea how I'm going to structure my day but it better have some running or high paced walking involved or any moment of zen will be impossible to find.

I'm off to pack two suitcases. One for me as I'm going to Memphis baby! and one for T.D. she's going to Nana's baby! It would figure that this weekend, the first weekend I'm called away for work, H is as well. I'm excited about traveling on my own again and mingling among other writers and meeting some great bloggers but I'm nervous and it just makes me even more prone to scatter-brained antics like making half a mix CD, eating frosting at 7 a.m., and driving on empty with the tire pressure light blaring. Fun times.

I think I hear the loot from T.D.'s successful pillaging last night calling to me. I must down some Kit-Kat encrusted gumballs with Butterfinger sides to ensure I'm functioning at maximum capacity today. Marshmallow pumpkins anyone?

New Reviews up at Mummy's Product Reviews including a PBN one about personalized kids books that are extremely high quality and make great gifts!

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