Friday, November 02, 2007

Blog Blast! My Ultimate Beauty Blunder

Green hair,Orange Hair,Gray Hair-It is all the same. Bad.

It was late at night. I was alone. My roommates were all gone. My boyfriend was out of town. It was just me and a box of Feria, the newest at home hair coloring kit on the market. The platinum blonde color oh so tempting. I just had to try it. It called to me from the shelves of CVS and I snatched it up and brought it home. Like a junkie in its paper bag I scurried into the bathroom to begin taking my already blonde and ultra highlighted locks even more blonde.

Around 11 p.m. I found myself coughing and running from the bathroom, the scent of bleach was so strong. There might have been some tingling. I can’t be sure. My brain has blocked out so much of the impending trauma. When I finally rinsed out the dye and put on the super softening conditioner I had such high hopes. I would be the blondest blonde in town. My almost-white due would evoke Marilyn Monroe memories. I would be stunning. Sexy and beautiful, a woman to be reckoned with and my boyfriend would not know what to do with this brand new woman. As I toweled off and looked in the mirror something looked wrong. Very wrong. My hair was not blonde, not even a bit. Instead it was orange. My once sunny blonde locks were now the color of a pumpkin. I screamed. I cried. Alone in my dark apartment just me and some seriously fried harsh looking hair. It was a true nightmare.

I called my Mom begging for the number of my cousin who is a stylist. She promptly called me back telling me to do nothing. Don’t touch a thing but the buttons on a phone to call a hair salon. Only a team of professionals could fix this mess. If I tried to dye it back myself it would only damage my hair more. I was distraught. I fixed a strong drink and vowed to go to a salon first thing in the morning. The next morning I woke up ashamed. My roommates could not stop laughing. I was even more mortified and distraught upon seeing the streaky orange locks in the broad daylight. I shoved my nasty burnt hair into a ball cap and trudged to the nearest salon that had an opening.

At the salon I reluctantly showed them my mess. They shook their heads sadly saying the see it all the time, these silly girls who mess with professional strength color without any thought to the damage it can cause. This would take some time. Did I understand that I would not be blonde anymore? Yes. Did I understand they would have to strip my color and I wouldn’t be any color? Gulp. Uh sure. No!!! WHAT? I just kept my mouth shut and let the professionals do their jobs. Three hours later I emerged from the salon chair with a grayish green mess. It wasn’t orange but it wasn’t anything. I looked like a sea witch. A Medusa in training. I was heartbroken. I trudged home, head hanging in shame, $200 poorer.

Later my boyfriend (now H)stopped by. He took the baseball cap off my head and said, “Uh it’s sort of green or gray. I can’t really tell. It’s like the absence of color yet every color! What were you thinking?” I don’t know! To this day I don’t know. Did I do it again? You betcha! A year later I was in a whole other salon asking them to turn my streaked mess of a head back into a blonde mess tout suite! I had a plane to catch to my parent’s house and I sure as hell wasn’t going to show up with another messy dye job. My mother wearing that ‘I told you so’ face. That was the last time I dyed my hair at home though. I walked out blonde again but it was five hours later and I was $300 lighter in the wallet that time. I vowed as God as my witness with all the Scarlett O’Hara in me that I would never dye my hair at home again!

Luckily no photos of this trauma exsist. For more hilarious and cringe-worthy beauty mishaps visit PBN. Pictures will be there! PLUS an incredible contest celebrating the arrival of one FAB book, Beauty Confidential by Nadine Haobsh a beauty expert herself with loads of things to share.


Tell us about your biggest beauty blunder!

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  1. And that is just one reason I'm happy to be a dark brunette!

  2. Yeah, I gave up trying to stay blond. Brunette is easier to manage. And I think I'm actually having more fun. :)
    (Because I'm not spending as much time and money on my hair.)

  3. you have a really cute blog and a nice way to get it across, iam marking it as a favorite.


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