Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh My Rubbing Thighs!

Since we got back from our jaunt down by the river for Thanksgiving my once taut, now jiggly little body has been aching to go back to the gym. Great! Except Sunday I began to get sick. This cold is the slowest thing ever! Days go by with no change except that I wake up worse each day. Every morning I rise with the thought, "What fresh hell is this?" as blow my nose and blood spurts out. I'm sorry if you just puked up your toast. It's true. I'm tired and stuffy and full of snot. I want to work out but don't have the motivation or the energy.

So I'm comprising a list of food I ate over the holiday in hopes that the length of it will be motivation enough.

Rolls, rolls, everywhere and I ate them!

Three helpings of cornbread dressing- none of them small

Three helpings of cranberry goo

Four helpings of turkey with tons of gravy

Mashed potatoes made with cream and butter

An entire turkey roasting pan of Huff n Puff (It's sort of like chex mix folks) and it's made with butter and all sorts of good stuff. About four sticks of butter!



Gin (which my mother tsked tsked as it would only add to my fat consumption and all "my hard work" would be for naught. There's a woman in CT screaming "I told you so" at her computer right now. If you listen real close you can hear her.)

Stuffed celery -half a stalks worth (also known as a little piece of heaven- celery stuffed with cream cheese and olives)

Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream

Apple Pie

Three brownies

Uncountable pieces of chocolate fudge

Apple Pie ice cream (I know. I had no idea there was such a thing either) with caramel sauce and sugar cookies.

Do you feel like purging yet, because I do.

Ham at least two servings

Ginger-ale to soothe my stomach. Gee! I wonder why!

There were some greens in there in the form of salads and broccoli I'm sure but I guess they don't really count.

And One hotel bagel with cream cheese that immediately made a home on my ass.

Yup. It worked. I think I'm going to be heading to the gym just as soon as the daycare portion opens up.

It's true all the work I did (5 days a week for 5 weeks) just got erased and now I'm pissed. It's back to the treadmill for me before I start suffering from Dunlap's disease.

You know what else? Damn we are a lucky bunch of SOB's being able to eat all this food.

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  1. Your list inspired me to create my own. You won't feel so bad when you read it.


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