Monday, September 03, 2007

Us Against Them

Run! Run 'em hard! C'mon kids! Let's run over here. Climb the rocks! Look at the pretty gazebo! Oooh! Climb the steps kids, climb them. Up, down. Up, down. That's it!

From six a.m. until 9 p.m. four adults spent an entire day running three little girls ragged. Four adults against three kids under the age of three. And can I just say, those girls kicked our asses. We did it all for a night on the town. Free babysitting by my parents had us giddy with excitement and almost a bit drunk on the freedom of it all. Who would be the victors? The sweet little girls or the hungry for drinks and adult conversation parents?

In the morning it was endless rounds of strolling Elmo and tea parties. We ran them around the yard and chased butterflies. We kept them hydrated of course, but we didn't stop when it was close to nap time and lunch. Instead opted to take them out to a festival. "Run around girls! Check out everything!" Those kids devoured their lunches. There were no finicky eaters that day. We rewarded them with ice cream and headed home. Naps were not allowed on the car ride home either. Got to keep them up and moving!

The ride home had H and I dancing in our seats to all manner of music. A little Coolio got T.D. rockin' in her seat. When 'Hey there Delilah' came on T.D. was almost in a trance. She was dangerously close to being attacked by a nap fairy. Thankfully we made it home. Once there we unloaded the tykes and again went for more rounds of tea parties, bubble blowing, general scampering about and maybe a dose or two of benadryl was involved.

Bath time proved to be their final undoing. Warm water and more playing had them relaxed and drowsy. Bundled cutely in their towels their wet hair slicked back they knew they were beaten. All three pajama clad girls went down easily. Aaaah....

Hastily and in record time we adults spiffied up and headed out. Casino bound and ecstatic the night was ours for the taking!


  1. Busy, busy but FUN, fun! Sounds like you have the right balance!

  2. Sounds like a great day !

  3. What a great day :)

  4. Sounds like your plan worked and lots of fun! :)


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