Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oprah Bans My Dog from Chi-Town

Overheard last night in my house.

H: Did you hear? Lex has been banned from Chicago by Oprah.

Me: What?! Chicago? Why? Did she make some disparaging remark about Obama?

H: Well... apparently she was a guest on Oprah and she said some things she shouldn't have to Ms. Harpo Productions and then peed on her chair right on stage.

Me: Seriously?! That's nuts! Oprah should know better than to have Lex on her show.

H: I know. It's sad. Now Oprah has banned Lex from her show and all of Chicago.

Me: Hm... Maybe Lex should think about getting in good with the beef industry now.


Yes, from time to time H and I have these completely inane and ridiculous conversations about our dog, Lex's illicit and completely hellacious behavior. Usually involving some celebrity these conversations can take on epic proportions and involve running story lines. Lex has been to J.Lo's wedding to Marc Anthony, has partied with 50 Cent and tried in vain to counsel Nick and Jessica. She also drives a yellow Hummer that is always in the shop. Boston Terriers are notoriously bad drivers. Many times Lex is banned from areas, parties, towns, whole countries, and hot spots. She has even spent time with Cheney. Though he's a sore loser and Lex cheats at poker so Cheney won't play with her anymore.


It is with much sadness that I read about the passing of Dame Anita Roddick on September 10. Dame. Roddick is the founder of that wonderful store, The Body Shop. Beyond being my first foray catalog that I received in the mail as a teen and also my first experience with natural products, Roddick was a champion activist for not just environmental causes but many others including Amnesty International, political causes and women's rights around the world. I have always loved her products, stores, and philosophies.She will be greatly missed as she was and is downright inspiring. Visit over here for more.


  1. Could your dog get me in w/Eminem perhaps?? lol!!

  2. We have a whole backstory for Grendel. He was part of a WWII cat brigade of paratroopers jumping in for D-Day. (He likes to watch Band of Brothers.)

  3. Lex might get you a meeting. There's been some bad blood though and a feud might still be going on. I'd have to check on that.


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