Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What We're Not Going To Talk About

Are we going to talk about the delayed flight home yesterday? Nope.

The jerk who made snide comments to my MiL on the flight home and then proceeded to yell at the flights staff, captain, and random airport workers as we deboarded the plane? No.

How about the fact that we sat on the tarmac for an hour after sitting at the gate both in departure and deboarding? Sorry, no.

We'll also not be discussing overzealous diaper changing grandparents who succeed in going through a whole box of diapers and wipes in four days. Poor T.D. but we're not talking about that either.

Nor will we discuss the sheer exhaustion I now feel from only one day of traveling with a toddler even though I had help.

I will only say that I adored having a TV back in my room and the Sleuth channel on Direct TV rocks! There is never enough Simon & Simon, Quincy, and Buried Alive I &II. Having three grandparents under one roof is the new holy trinity and eating dessert everyday plus fried goodies like grilled cheese, bacon, clamcakes, eggs, french fries and potato chips is all fine and good but I fear a gunt might appear at any given moment. My Mom can still get me drunk with one drink and having DOUBLE STUFFED mint oreos at my beck and call is one of life's greatest pleasures.

I can safely say that my trip home was truly a vacation.

*Photo by Karen Cooke, East Beach, RI

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