Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two Things

There are two things in the food world that get me really burned up. Well, three if you count Rachel Ray.

1. Fourth Meal- Damn you Taco Bell ad and marketing executives for thinking up this disgusting ploy for more sales. Fourth Meal?! Love the SKINNY guy on the commercial smirking at his cleverness. That's right buddy- keep eating that fourth meal and the next thing you know you'll begging soda throwing Subway over there to have you as their next Jared. Fourth Meal is all that is wrong with the food culture in this country. As if obesity and all the related diseases need another push. I am so thoroughly disgusted each time I hear or see a Taco Bell commercial with this ad I want to scream. Scream and start acting like a complete nut job at some random Taco Bell kicking people out of the place in droves with my craziness. Let's just all shove more preservatives, fat, and high fructose corn syrup into our ever slackening bodies.

2. America Runs on Dunkin- Dear God in heaven no. Really? While, yes, I am way more of a SBUX girl, because I actually like the taste of coffee and not all that sugar and cream thrown into some watered down "coffee", it's just the whole premise that we are these little drones running through life like hamsters on a wheel/Rachel Ray never stopping, only going, working, and running to the next thing. Never noticing that life is in the now. Am I reading too much into this clever little ad? When I hear John Goodman's voice narrating these commercials, I smirk. Great spokesperson. Comforting voice, teddy bear like man, telling us to just head on over and get more donuts, sausage-bagel-egg-cheese-bacon towers to cram into our gaping hole. Hey! Maybe we can throw in a heavy whipped frappaccuino ice cream concoction and eat it all before we even squeal out of the drive-thru!

Yup. I climbed up on that precarious little box today to rant and rave about the food industry. Can't help it. I get so mad sometimes that we just go nuts covering ourselves in a sea of anti-bacterial sprays and gels and then we dump all manner of preservatives and chemicals into our bodies. I watched bologna being made the other day on Unwrapped and I still can't get the "beef puree" out of my mind.


  1. Oh I love Taco Bell! Yum!

  2. I know!!!! Taco Smell sounds yummy right now!! And they give me taco flavored kisses...hahaha

  3. Okay, your rant is hilarious and yet so, SO disturbing at the same time. You are so right when you say we "go nuts covering ourselvees in a sea of anti-bacterial sprays and gels and then dump all manner of preservatives and chemicals into our bodies." It's complete craziness...certifiable, waddle-down-the-street to the next donut shop and then bust out the Purell for the waddle home craziness!


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