Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is it Safe?

Seems that pesky little mole of mine didn't like staying put. It had dreams and aspirations of traveling farther and heading to climates "deeper" and "sideways". So after some fun cutting because who doesn't like being sliced with a nice razor blade at 9 a.m.? Two little deposits were made in a specimen jar- lovely little tendrilly pieces with some slightly odd color to the top part. Gross, sick, and yet fascinating to meet my little nemesis all at the same time. Bye bye mole remnants! Have fun at the lab!

A few more stitches later they think they got it all and I await my lab results. It also seems that we got it before it decided that deeper and sideways were fun places to visit but that it wanted more. More disturbing was the out and out whistling done by the doctor (Is it Safe?!) as he came at me with the dripping needle to numb me up. Creepy much? Yes!

Now I just itch like a bitch from the bandage which according to Dr. HummyMcChuckler I'm allergic to. Excellent. Problem is, is that even with the bandage off the allergy continues for a while. So I'm just continuously scratching my boob looking like a weirdo. I actually saw some woman stare at me and give me a "Control yourself!" face in the parking lot the other day. I can't help it!

So that is the State of the Mole people and from now on I will still be wearing a two piece but you can bet your ass I will be wearing more than SPF 15.


  1. Hope you get good news soon Vicky.
    I love how you write about this with humour and candor.

    Take care

    Come and visit me at, you have an award.

  2. Ah the cheap adhesive itch! Hydrocortizone creme might help that. Also buying the sensitive skin surgical tape if you need to keep a bandage/dressing on it. I found that even regular band aids irritated breast skin.

  3. Hope the itching stops, that can drive anybody NuTs!

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Vicky, we missed you last night! I hope you're feeling better today. Have a time in NE - are you there now?
    Ann :)

  5. How scary for you. I hope the news is good too, and soon, so you can move on....


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