Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stupid Pills- Me took some

It was just one of those days. The kind of day where no amount of caffeine will wake you up and bring you out of that fog inside your brain. You move slower and lose all motivation for the gym. Words elude you and you can't seem to hold a conversation for long without muddling it up. Either that or it's simple thoughts come to life- "Me hungry, eat now." Suddenly you and your toddler really do speak the same language!

I must have taken stupid pills yesterday because I did the following things throughout the day.

- Fell down while putting on underwear. One leg at a time girlie! One leg!

- Put eyeshadow on where concealer should be. That's right brown eyeshadow under my eyes. Used the actual eyeshadow brush too.

- Added bizarre purple shadow onto top lids after taking it away from T.D. I then looked like I had been in one hell of a fight. Or perhaps the local high school drama department was practicing on my face for the new fall season.

- Ignored the sound of many tiny pieces falling to the floor in the kitchen as I worked. Found out later when I got off my butt that it was T.D. pouring copious amounts of dog food into Lex's dish/all over the floor. Actually this is just more laziness than stupid pills at work.

There were other moments throughout the day like forgetting to clean T.D.'s sauced stained hands before letting her out of her chair. Eating cottage cheese on the floor with her and Lex. Always up for a mess aren't I? I just couldn't wait for the day to be done and I already need a vacation. Didn't I just have one?!

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