Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bilingual Baby

An email from my mother last week-

Dear Vicky,

I have just found a very nice miniature picnic table in an Adirondack style in the L.L Bean catalogue. I have spoken with your father and we would like to purchase one for our house for T.D. to use when she visits and one for your house as well. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. It comes in some lovely colors.



Hmmmm.... a tiny picnic table for our tiny townhouse. Eeehh.... I emailed H to discuss the matter. "Be firm but tell them no in a nice way.", he instructed. Well yeah! Aren't I always nice? Especially to my mother? Really. I just kept thinking of the fact that it was one more giant toy/thing in our house but now outside and how it would rarely get used at this point except as a climbing device.

Email from me to my mother regarding aforementioned tiny munchkin only picnic table.


Thank you for thinking of us and T.D., but we just don't need or have the room for a little picnic table. If you however want to spend that type of money, which is seems you do (ballsy huh?), on something for T.D. why not purchase some books, DVDs and CD's for her in French. I'm reading this fascinating book called the Bilingual Edge and we have decided to try and teach her French. Amazon has a great selection!


This week we are getting three separate shipments from Amazon containing various children's books, CD's and DVD's in French (from my mother). C'est Bon! I'll be using them to help me brush up on the language as well!

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A review of the Bilingual Edge and more is up on my review site. Find it here.

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