Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ryan Gosling Hates Trans Fats

Another night and another dream with a celeb sharing advice with me. What gives? Is it the fresh New England air making me hallucinate enough to see Ryan Gosling berating passerbys?

Or Dick Cheney playing slots at Mohegan Sun? Yes, folks. He's not in an underground bunker. He's playing slots and keno at Mohegan Sun. Run for your lives.

Don Imus was watching street performers on the roof too right before the fireworks last night. It's a crazy world I tell you when you are living it New England style.

So my dream. A young Ryan (think 'Remember the Titans Ryan) is standing on the side of a country road with a bunch of friends. They are yelling eco-world information at passing cars while hurling used plastic water bottles at them. I come upon this whole mess of a scene and say, "Boys! What are you doing?" Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I'm about 55 in the dream? Ryan lights into me about "this whole stinkin' state is into clogging their arteries and it's no wonder that other countries hate us, because we are a bunch of slow, fatties. We're sweat pant lovin' no style havin', trans fat eatin', egotistical monsters". Wow. He's really upset about it the whole state of the well, state. He started crying about trans fats. It was a tough sight to behold I tell you. I told him that I hate trans fats too and he hugged me and cried some more.

I'm thinking that the migraine I had last night is the culprit. It's certainly not the three trans fat free oreos I consumed (yes, I caved and I loved it!) hours before.


  1. hey what happened to holding out on the oreos? ;) Must be migraine time of year, I had one on Tues and the damn things been lingering since...tolerably lingering but still there. Sigh.
    I feel your pain.

  2. I've got to hand it to you, Vicky - I almost NEVER read posts about people's dreams but this one had me rolling!


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