Wednesday, August 29, 2007


To date on this version of "Mummy Cruises Home Turf" the following has been consumed.

1. No oreos. I'm holding out people. I am resisting the fat!

2. Five clamcakes. Deep-fried goodness oh and with clams.

3. Sand. Beach day!

4. Screams of Terror as H nearly rear-ended a car much smaller than the Pathfinder as he gaped at yet ANOTHER Dunkin Donuts in the New England area. While not a total fan of 'the Nut' Tim Horton's can kiss my now sunburned tookas.

5. Screams of Indignation as my father pointed out my no longer "I've never carried a baby" stomach. Flat most days, not yesterday. Two plates of pasta and meatballs bloated me. Probably that feedbag of popcorn the night before as well.

6. Magazines, books- two.

7. The Bourne Ultimatum. Can I just say I might have a Jason Bourne thing now? Not to be confused with a Matt Damon thing. THAT is just not appealing. Mummy LOVES the fight scenes. As Fogle would say, "Tight!"

8. Superbad. Dig the dance sequence in the beginning and George Michael getting his own flick. The extended version of the Cops? Not so much. Maybe the DVD will have less cops. More Fogle.

9. Time with spouse sans kid. Countless. We watched a full episode of vintage 90210 in the middle of the day snorting ourselves silly with the moussed 90's hair of Dylan McKay (dudes got a HUGE melon!), "bros", and bad outfits. Poor, poor Brian Austen Green. He was such a choade.

10. Sadly no Simon and Simon episodes, but I did make T.D. dance to the Magnum P.I. theme song about 250 times so far. WHY IS THAT ALWAYS ON?!

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  1. 90210 that brings back memories.
    What is a choade.
    I'm sure Brian Green was one.

    But what is it??


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