Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Nine- An Update

Augh. So I was feeling pretty good. I had lost 4.5 lbs in just two weeks. I was working out and eating healthy. Lots o grilled veggies and Spirutein shakes. Then I had Girls Night and had too much wine.

Wine with brownies. And Cheese Nips. Which I NEVER eat. Oh and some M&M's. Light and dark chocolate. Right, then there was that sugar cookie thrown in too. Next day hung over slightly with my knees bothering me again I skipped the gym. Did my weigh in this morning and somehow between yesterday and today I gained three pounds.

To say I'm angry would be a mild way of putting it. Angry. Annoyed. Frustrated and discouraged. I was feeling so good. I don't like to be myself up about that after all I do have one free day. ONE. That is what happens? Yeesh.

So it's back to all veggies all the time. Water galore. Spirutein is my new best friend. Somehow in between being concious and with my family and cleaning up a rehab I have to make it to the gym.

This sort of sucks. The Nine my a**

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  1. It may be fluctuating but my clothes do feel better so I konw I'm at least toning up. At least I can wear certain clothes again I couldn't a few weeks ago so something is different.


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